Our Production Process


Clothing design is not only a product design, but also an artistic creation. Every piece of clothing you wear has been created and repeatedly modified by our team, and finalized after careful evaluation.

 First, we need to design patterns. The initial inspiration and clues of design creation often come from all aspects of life. Then we have to study different fabrics and textures, the thickness of the fabrics, the splicing of different fabrics, and any subtle changes will deduce different fashions and styles. We have to remember that each color, shape and position are important to highlight curves or hide imperfections.

Clothing is increasingly emphasizing details, and any treatment of details will be reflected in the clothes. We sublimate the ink by applying very high temperature and pressure to directly add the ink to the fabric fibers, ensuring that it can last for a long time without losing brightness and color density.

annishuan aspires to create comfortable, functional, and stylish clothing for active people from around the world.